June 2018 Issue

Patent Issued to MCTRON for PermaPel®. A new addition to MCTRON’s PermaPel® line SRZ6010, developed to improve crock resistance

Crocking has long been a problem for denim producers, especially in recent years. PermaPel® SRZ6010 has been developed as a surface treatment to provide crock resistance to prevent the transfer of color onto fabric surfaces. It is a pre-crosslinked emulsion polymer that is water repellent and wash durable. It can be applied by various techniques…


MaxxZyme® CLC Concentrated Liquid Enzyme Designed for Peroxide Removal

MCTRON Technologies now has a highly concentrated liquid enzyme, MaxxZyme® CLC, used to remove residual hydrogen peroxide after bleaching operations. The product has no adverse affects on the textile fibers or dyestuffs. A technical data sheet and presentation describing its use and performance over a range of variables can be found in the textile dyeing…