December 2020 Issue

Get it vibrant and new, like a Guru™ with GURUturf™ & GURUgrass™ colorants

Our GURUturf™ and GURUgrass™ colorants are designed for dormant grass, giving off-season turf the vibrant look of active grass in-season. Our GURUturf™ pigments are designed for live grass, in-season, to enhance color depth and vibrancy of actively growing turf. offers the perfect color blends to match your grass whether during dormant season or in…


GURUscapes™ offers a wide range of container sizes from commercial to residential quantities

All GURUscapes™ Colorants and Pigments are available in a variety of shipping sizes to accommodate the needs of most every customer from large commerical sizes to mid-size, and small residential applications. If we don’t offer a container size that fits your needs, or if you have a special requirement, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our…


MCTRON Technologies announces the creation of GURUscapes™

GURUscapes™ is the newest MCTRON business unit developed as a trusted, one-stop supplier for all landscaping colorant needs. GURUscapes formulates and develops premium products to enhance commercial turf, residential lawns, mulch, pine straw, pond water and concrete. The company employs its patented PermaPel® technology to develop formulas that are unmatched in endurance and performance. GURUscapes…