What are you looking for in a supply partner?

At the heart of MCTRON’s core value, is the development of proprietary polymer technology that is easily customized into innovative products for various industries. MCTRON acts as your innovation engineer with a “Yes, we can do that” philosophy to be the most responsive, customer-oriented supplier in the market.

Our Values

  • Safety First – It is imperative that safety is considered above all else.
  • Business Integrity – Honesty, respect, and high ethical standards in all stakeholder dealings.
  • Responsiveness – Deliver on promises and commitment to satisfying customer needs.
  • Innovation – Commitment to providing business solutions through technology.
  • Flexibility – Willingness to modify product, logistics and services if necessary to meet customer need.

Our Philosophy

  • Responsive Product Development
  • Multiple Chemistries
  • Focus on Technology Development
  • Market-Oriented
  • On-Site Quality Control
  • R&D at most production sites
  • Strong financial health and raw materials position
  • Experienced, Degreed Technologists
  • Protected Intellectual Property

Why Choose MCTRON?

  • We offer customized solutions to our customers
  • We are committed to creating sustainable value
  • We strive to exceed customer expectations
  • We provide solutions and service that offers competitive advantage for our customers
  • Our people offer market knowledge and understand customer needs
  • We are more open, flexible and collaborative than our competitors, which allows us to provide the best solutions and service possible

Leadership Team

Larry McDaniel
Larry McDaniel
Mike McMahan
Mike McMahan
Pete Signoretti
Pete Signoretti
Andrew McDaniel
Andrew McDaniel