MCTRON offers MaxxBond SB® latex products are designed to achieve results for specific customer application needs. Our products are designed to offer excellent mechanical stability a broad range of glass transition temperatures and extremely low free monomer content. Let us find the right product for you. We can do that!!!

MCTRON’s Carboxylated Styrene Butadiene Latex formulations are featured in our MaxxBond® SB product line. These products are designed as high performance binders with excellent adhesion properties and tensile strength.


More specific information about MaxxBond SB products can be found in the technical bulletins below:

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    MaxxBond® SB-120X50

    MaxxBond® SB-120X50 provides overall medium to stiff hand with high tensile strength, and is compatible with a variety of fibers using conventional application methods. MaxxBond® SB-120X50 can be used alone or compounded with typical crosslinking resins, performance additives, and fillers.

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    MaxxBond® SB-115X54

    MaxxBond® SB-115X54 is a binder for coated paper and paperboard applications as well as improved wet strength in primary pre-coat and secondary adhesive formulations for carpet. MaxxBond® SB-115X54 binder is accepting of many types of inorganic fillers, including finer grind ATH types and recycled fillers in both standard and frothed applications.