MCTRON is currently expanding multiple product lines to serve the healthcare and personal care industries. The rapidly-increasing demand in these markets has led us to identify immediate, short-term and long-term ways to help satisfy supply shortages.

The current state of the healthcare and personal care industries is one of high and immediate demand with low supply. Companies that are well positioned to help are making innovative adjustments in their business models to assist. Items like hand sanitizer, wipes, lotions and other alcohol-based anti-viral products are in short supply. MCTRON is venturing into this space and will provide updates, adding specialized products to this page that aide in the manufacturing of these essential items.

More specific information about personal care products can be found in the technical bulletins below:

Hand Sanitizer & Personal Care Products

MCTRON has formulated targeted versions of its thickener products for immediate use in the production of hand sanitizer, meeting a critical demand in the global and national markets combating Covid-19. Contact us to learn more about what we are doing to help, and if we can formulate additional products to meet your supply needs.

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    MaxxGel® S

    MaxxGel® S is a cross-linked Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate powder used to provide thickening, stabilization properties for clear hand sanitizing gels.

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    MaxxThix® PC-10

    MaxxThix® PC-10 is an Alkali-swellable emulsion thickener designed for use in personal care applications. MaxxThix® PC-10’s high efficiency and short flow makes it ideal for sanitizer, shampoo or conditioner applications. The short flow rheology is best described as buttery, and helps products appear rich and full.