MCTRON Technologies is a leader in chemical formulation for the textile and denim industries. Our ‘can-do’ philosophy and responsiveness is unmatched in the market. We offer a variety of high-performance products in our growing portfolio that yield unparalleled results and drive value to your organization.

Our team is passionately focused on breakthrough innovation as an internal discipline. We embed ourselves and listen critically to our clients’ most sensitive needs, developing products that push boundaries and move the industry forward.

Learn more about our products for the textile and denim industries:

MCTRON is a leading producer of emulsion polymers with a wide range of acrylic, styrene-acrylic, vinyl-acrylic and vinyl-acetate products for use in textile back coatings, non-wovens and other formulations required by the textile industry. Our proprietary PermaPel™ technology provides superior water repellency, wash durability and adhesion properties that can be customized for any need.

MCTRON is responding to the growing demands of the denim processing industry from yarn production through cut-and-sew, washing, and special effects stages. Our research and development teams are focused on increasing our product line to serve this dynamic market segment and deliver innovation.

MCTRON Technologies offers cost effective solutions to satisfy many selective technical needs for the textile dyeing and finishing industry. Let us help.