MCTRON offers MaxxSperse®, an affordable line of dye and pigment dispersants. We design our dye and pigment dispersions to be compatible with a range of systems, yielding optimal and predictable results. MaxxSperse is popular in garment processing, denim and textile applications where consistency and control are critical.


Introducing MaxxSperse®, MCTRON’s quality line of cost-effective dye and pigment dispersants. Our design and formulation approach addresses the specific needs of garment processing, denim processing and varying textile applications. Turn to MaxxSperse® where coating formulations and water processes requiring suspension of pigment or dyestuff particles are essential.


For the latest product developments in our MaxxSperse® dye and pigment dispersants, turn to our updated Technical Data Sheets (TDS). Contact our dedicated sales team with questions.

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    MaxxSperse® MSX-PB-125

    MaxxSperse® MSX-PB-125 is an extremely effective detergent designed to clean denim. It is used for direct application in the desize, abrasion and final cleaning stage on cotton and synthetics during the processing of denim.

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    MaxxSperse® 111

    MaxxSperse® 111 is a general purpose dispersant and scale inhibitor used in various aqueous systems. It exhibits outstanding performance in stabilizing pigment dispersions. It is highly effective at inhibiting scale deposits.

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    MaxxSperse® 1728

    MaxxSperse® 1728 is a highly effective, anionic polymeric dispersant for naturally occurring fillers. These include TIO2, silica, calcium carbonate, and clay slurries in addition to fats and water insoluble entities. It is also very efficient at low-usage levels, making it an ideal choice for high solids systems.

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    MaxxSperse® MS-90

    MaxxSperse® MS-90 is an economical, effective, highly-concentrated wetting agent that minimizes back-staining of indigo dyes on cotton denim fabrics. It is non-ionic properties make it compatible with all classes of enzymes including amylases, cellulases and lactases. You can also use it in combination with other MCTRON products to improve performance more readily. Additionally, you can consider using it for de-sizing, stone washing or final clean up steps.

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    MaxxSperse® MSX-90

    MaxxSperse® MSX-90 is an extremely effective and highly-concentrated wetting agent. It minimizes back-staining of indigo dyes on cotton during denim fabric processing. It’s non-ionic properties make it compatible with all classes of enzymes. These include amylases, cellulases and lactases, and can be combined with other MCTRON products to further improve performance. You may also use it for de-sizing, stone washing or final clean up steps.

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    MaxxSperse® 3000

    MaxxSperse® 3000 is a sodium polyacrylate dispersant that provides stability to dispersions at low dosages. It is designed to disperse finely divided solids into a liquid medium. Such mediums include water, or mixtures of water and water-miscible solvents.