August 2019 Issue

MCTRON Technologies offers a wide range of MaxxThix® APEO-free Alkali-swellable thickeners

MCTRON alkali-swellable thickeners are polyacrylate based polymers that contain carboxylic acid groups. Alkali-swellable thickeners are co-polymers of methacrylic acid and ethyl acrylate ester, imitate the rheology properties of cellulosics, but provides an easier-to-use and more cost-effective product. MaxxThix® alkali-swellable products thicken via water absorption and swelling. Different rheological characteristics are achieved by engineering the molecular…


MCTRON’s MaxxThix® AT-17 and MaxxThix® AT-25 are Associative Thickeners that offer a Formulating Tool for a Variety of Applications

MCTRON’s MaxxThix® MT-17 is a high viscosity alkali-swellable thickener made with a hydrophobic monomer designed with a temperature sensitive cross-linker that helps build a yield point into a polymer system. Associative alkali-swellable thickeners like MaxxThix® MT-17 are extremely cost effective and provide good to excellent splatter resistance, high shear viscosity and sag resistance. MaxxThix® MT-17…


MaxxThix® MT-107 Gum Thickener — A Formulators Best Friend

MaxxThix® MT-107 is a sodium polyacrylate gum thickener generally used as a “top off” thickener at the end of a process to optimize viscosity. MaxxThix® MT-107 is used to thicken coating compounds for adhesives, sizes, dispersions used in upholstery, drapery, carpet, paper, paint, wallpaper printing, textiles and other formulated latex products. It can be used…