Welcome to the next generation of chemical formulation for Dust Control, Soil Stabilization, and Stock Pile Capping

MCTRON is redefining the dust control and soil stabilization markets. Creating environmentally sustainable products that work to reduce dust hazards, decrease maintenance, and make compliance easy.

Our team is constantly innovating with new approaches to combatting dust and road maintenance issues. Responsive field service representatives are ready to respond to the specific needs of customers and get their maintenance programs up to date.


Road Dust Control

MCTRON is the innovation leader in the road dust control industry. Our new Reduxx engineered product technology, utilizing bio-renewable feedstocks solve the performance and environmental impact issues prevalent in the industry. Reduxx is the solution for your traffic dust and maintenance Issues.

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    Reduxx® 100

    Reduxx® 100 is a patent-pending hydrophobic emulsion product for dust control. It is designed specifically to handle the challenges where traffic and wind generated dust is a production or safety issue.


Soil Stabilization

In the harshest environments on earth, MCTRON is forging new inroads in soil stabilization. MCTRON works in the extremes: from building roads that allow subsistence farmers to get product to market in South America, to creating safe structures and roads for some of the largest mineral companies in the world – Yes, We can do that!

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    MaxxSeal® 100

    MaxxSeal® 100 is a vinyl acrylic co-polymer emulsion used in soil and aggregate stabilization. It dries to a flexible, yet hard state and has excellent durability. It is non-hazardous and has no environmental impact. It dries clear, preserving the natural look and color of the native soil.

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    MaxxSeal® 200

    MaxxSeal® 200 is a firm styrene acrylic co-polymer emulsion with excellent water resistance and aging properties. It is used in soil/aggregate stabilization dust control applications. It is used where excellent binding properties are needed in tying up aggregate in the road base or in preventing airborne dust.


Process Dust Control

Making workers safer, reducing maintenance costs, increasing throughput, and maintaining compliance; a proper in process dust control program can solve all of these challenges. MCTRON’s backbone as chemistry innovators provides the foundation for your sustainable compliance program.

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    MaxxSurf® 70

    MaxxSurf® 70 is an anionic wetting agent formulation that has been shown to greatly reduce the amount of visible and respirable dust in industrial applications. It can be used effectively in underground mining as well as above ground applications in concentrations between 1,000 ppm (0.01%) and 10,000 ppm (0.1%) in process water.