Let MCTRON supply your dyeing and finishing chemical needs. We have a broad range of products that have been used by the textile industry for many years and a deep line-up of experienced personnel ready to assist in selecting and delivering quality products in a responsive manner.

MCTRON has a line of performance products that have been time-tested to offer consistent performance in a range of textile applications. Our technologists continue to innovate chemistries as new opportunities arise. Our culture is to listen to our customers and respond with solutions.

More specific information about our broad product range can be found in the technical bulletins below:

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    Maxxacryl® AC-3220

    Maxxacryl® AC-3220 is a non-yellowing soft acrylic-based emulsion. It is designed for use as a low cure temperature high self-crosslinking polymer that provides excellent fastness properties while maintaining a soft but durable hand.

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    MaxxaPel® 102

    MaxxaPel® 102 is a thermosetting water repellent and fluorochemical extender in emulsion form. It offers improved water impact penetration, spray ratings and hydrostatic pressure performance.

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    MaxxaPel® 1200

    MaxxaPel® 1200 is a concentrated thermosetting water repellent and fluorochemical extender in emulsion form that improves water impact penetration, spray ratings and hydrostatic pressure performance. It is supplied in prill form.

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    PermaPel® SRZ6010

    PermaPel® SRZ6010 is a MCTRON polymer that incorporates our wash durable specialty monomer technology with the addition of a non-formaldehyde generating crosslinking system designed to eliminate crocking of denim and other dyed fabrics.

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    MaxxSoft® AZ-100

    MaxxSoft® AZ-100 is a concentrated cationic softener that is designed to impart softness and ozone resistant properties to denim and indigo dyed fabric.

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    MaxxSperse® 1728

    MaxxSperse® 1728 is a highly effective, anionic polymeric dispersant for naturally occurring fillers such as TIO2, silica, calcium carbonate, clay slurries as well as fats and water insoluble entities. It has been found to be quite efficient at low usage levels making it an excellent choice for high solids systems.

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    MaxxSperse® 111

    MaxxSperse® 111 is an economical, effective, highly-concentrated wetting agent designed to minimize back staining of indigo dyes on cotton denim fabric processing. It is non-ionic and compatible with all classes of enzymes including amylases, cellulases and lactases, and can be used in combination other MCTRON products to further improve performance. It can be used in the de-sizing, stone washing or final clean up steps.

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    MaxxLink® DP-83

    MaxxLink® DP-83 is a highly-concentrated thermosetting reactant providing durable wrinkle-free performance to cellulosic-containing fabrics. It is a DMDHEU product designed to impart whiskers and other special effects on denim in addition to providing durable press and shrinkage control to cotton-containing fabrics when applied properly. It is chlorine resistant with extremely low formaldehyde levels on cured fabrics. It is also scorch and chlorine resistant to commercial launderings with minimum effect on shade, and is easily cured with magnesium-based catalysts.

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    MaxxBloc® SR-1100

    MaxxBloc® SR-1100 is a polyester resin designed to impart hydrophilic properties to polyester and blends of polyester/cotton fabric. It is a non-ionic polyester co-polymer that also imparts soil release, a soft handle and anti-static properties to fabric containing polyester fiber.

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    MaxxLube® 35L

    MaxxLube® 35L is a blend of lubricants and softeners formulated to provide outstanding performance as a yarn beaming aid on Indigo-dyed ball warps. Due to excellent fiber-to-fiber lubricity characteristics, it also performs well as a package & beam dyeing after-softener. It is a common component in finishing loom-state denim-sanforized fabrics.

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    MaxxLube® RW-100

    MaxxLube® RW-100 is a stable water soluble non-ionic sanforizing lubricant and softener.

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    MaxxLube® HDPE-25

    MaxxLube® HDPE-25 is a high-density oxidized polyethylene powder that provides sewing lubricity, tear-strength protection, abrasion resistance, and sanforizing lubricity to a variety of textile fabrics when used in emulsified form.

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    MaxxVol® 8803

    MaxxVol® 8803 is partially hydrolyzed ultra-low viscosity polyvinyl alcohol. It is used in a multitude of applications including, textile sizing, adhesives, pigment coatings and where forming properties are required.

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    MaxxVol® 9803

    MaxxVol® 9803 is fully hydrolyzed ultra-low viscosity polyvinyl alcohol. It is used in a multitude of applications including, paper sizing, adhesives, pigment coatings and where good strength and film forming properties are required.

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    MaxxSurf® 70

    MaxxSurf® 70 is very effective wetter/re-wetter additive that is used at low concentrations for applications as a high-speed wetting agent in preparation, dyeing, finishing and garment washing operations for the denim and textile industries.

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    MaxxZyme® CLC

    MaxxZyme® CLC is a highly concentrated liquid catalase enzyme used to remove residual hydrogen peroxide after bleaching operations. The product has no adverse effects on the textile fibers or dyestuffs.

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    MaxxBreak® OB-4 NS Concentrate

    MaxxBreak® OB-4 NS Concentrate is a concentrated all-organic non-silicone defoamer concentrated non-silicone defoamer concentrate. It can be diluted with mineral oil with the resulting product being useful as a textile, latex or pulp type defoamer.

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    MaxxBreak® OB-123 NS

    MaxxBreak® OB-123 NS is an all-organic silicone free defoamer. It is stable at high temperatures and is an effective defoamer under pressure dyeing conditions. MaxxBreak OB-123 NS has good salt tolerance and does not precipitate pre metallized dyes in the presence of electrolytes.

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    MaxxBreak® OB-142 NS Concentrate

    MaxxBreak® OB-142 NS Concentrate is an organic non-silicone defoamer concentrate. It can be diluted with mineral oil with the resulting product being useful as a defoamer useful in a variety of aqueous systems. It also exhibits good caustic stability.

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    MaxxBreak® OS-626

    MaxxBreak® OS-626 is an emulsion of unique defoaming and foam-preventing compounds. It is extremely stable under high shear and boiling conditions. It also is an effective wetting agent and surface tension depressant.

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    MaxxBreak® OS-578

    MaxxBreak® OS-578 is a nonionic emulsion of organo-silicone compounded antifoam ingredients. Applications include cutting oils, water-based inks, paints, detergent solutions, PVA solutions, starch solutions adhesives, antifreeze, insecticides, textiles and many other industrial water-based systems.

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    MaxxBreak® OS-319 Concentrate

    MaxxBreak® OS-319 Concentrate is an effective and economical organo-silicone concentrate for defoamer use in a wide variety of high and low temperature applications, especially textile dyeing and finishing.

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    Maxxbreak® SE-030

    Maxxbreak® SE-030 and SE-020 are aqueous organo-silicone defoaming/antifoam emulsions formulated for a variety of industrial processing applications.