MaxxLube HDPE-25 Offers Formulators an Alternative Oxidized High Density Polyethylene Powder source

MCTRON Technologies offers oxidized high density high melt temperature polyethylene powder for formulators seeking to produce the best quality HDPE emulsions. MaxxLube® HDPE-25 is available in 500 kg super sacks but can be supplied in drums as well. To download the MaxxLube® HDPE-25 tech bulletin click here. To contact a dedicated sales executive, click here.

Patent Issued to MCTRON for PermaPel®. A new addition to MCTRON’s PermaPel® line SRZ6010, developed to improve crock resistance

Crocking has long been a problem for denim producers, especially in recent years. PermaPel® SRZ6010 has been developed as a surface treatment to provide crock resistance to prevent the transfer of color onto fabric surfaces. It is a pre-crosslinked emulsion polymer that is water repellent and wash durable. It can be applied by various techniques…