October 2019 Issue

MCTRON proudly announces the issuance of a new patent for PermaPel® emulsion polymer technology

In July of 2019 the USPTO allowed MCTRON Technologies a composition of matter patent on PermaPel® polymer technology and includes its use in filled coatings and substrate treatments, said composition with fillers (talc, kaolin, CaCO3, etc.), substrates treated with the aforementioned and substrates treated so as to improve contact angle. A Notice of Allowance from…


MCTRON’s MaxxBreak® 4 Developed for Use with PermaPel® Polymers

MaxxBreak® 4 is a mineral oil free product for a wide range of industrial coatings applications. It is particularly effective in latex paints, adhesives, flexo inks and paper coatings. MaxxBreak® 4 is highly effective in formulations containing styrene butadiene, acrylic, Neoprene, polyvinyl acetate, acetoxylated polyethylene and other latexes. It is also effective in water-based inks,…


Formulating PermaPel®

PermaPel® products can be formulated to achieve excellent properties for a wide range of applications. Dry filling is possible using a wide range of pigments and fillers to either enhance performance and/or for cost effectiveness. Small additions of as little as 2% of PermaPel® into a latex formulation has been found to significantly increase the…