MCTRON Technologies offers a wide range of MaxxThix® APEO-free Alkali-swellable thickeners

MCTRON alkali-swellable thickeners are polyacrylate based polymers that contain carboxylic acid groups. Alkali-swellable thickeners are co-polymers of methacrylic acid and ethyl acrylate ester, imitate the rheology properties of cellulosics, but provides an easier-to-use and more cost-effective product. MaxxThix® alkali-swellable products thicken via water absorption and swelling. Different rheological characteristics are achieved by engineering the molecular…


MCTRON’s MaxxThix® AT-17 and MaxxThix® AT-25 are Associative Thickeners that offer a Formulating Tool for a Variety of Applications

MCTRON’s MaxxThix® MT-17 is a high viscosity alkali-swellable thickener made with a hydrophobic monomer designed with a temperature sensitive cross-linker that helps build a yield point into a polymer system. Associative alkali-swellable thickeners like MaxxThix® MT-17 are extremely cost effective and provide good to excellent splatter resistance, high shear viscosity and sag resistance. MaxxThix® MT-17…


MaxxBloc® Product Line Continues to Expand

MCTRON Technologies has added MaxxBloc® PB-1270 and MaxxBloc® PB-1285 to its growing line of anti-backstaining products for denim washing applications. MaxxBloc® PBS-1285 has also been developed as an anti-backstaining product formulated with a high performance cotton dispersant. Click here for more information about our products for denim laundry applications. To contact our dedicated sales executive,…


PermaPel® Product Line Continues to Grow. PermaPel® SRZ6019 provides improved softness and water repellency.

MCTRON Technologies has developed a softer PermaPel for denim processing and finishing applications requiring a more subtle water repellent finish. PermaPel® SRZ6019 has been developed as a surface treatment to also provide crock resistance and improved adhesion. It is a cross-linked emulsion polymer that is water repellent and wash durable. It can be applied by…


MCTRON now offers MaxxLube® HDPE-2540 as a High Quality, High Density Polyethylene microemulsion

MCTRON Technologies is a basic producer of oxidized high density high melt temperature polyethylene powder and now also offers a high quality 40% HDPE emulsion form. MaxxLube® HDPE-2540 is an excellent sewing lubricant particularly for denim processing and finishing, but also has application in a variety of other industrial applications. It is available in drums…


MCTRON Maxxacryl® Acrylic Emulsion Polymers Find Many Uses in Textile Applications

MCTRON Technologies offers a wide range of acrylic emulsion polymers for a number of industrial applications. Many of the these products find use in textiles for pigment dying, back coatings, and functional finishes either as a stand alone treatment or in combination with DMDHEU resins, fluorochemicals and other additives. For more info on Maxxacryl® and…


MaxxLube HDPE-25 Offers Formulators an Alternative Oxidized High Density Polyethylene Powder source

MCTRON Technologies offers oxidized high density high melt temperature polyethylene powder for formulators seeking to produce the best quality HDPE emulsions. MaxxLube® HDPE-25 is available in 500 kg super sacks but can be supplied in drums as well. To download the MaxxLube® HDPE-25 tech bulletin click here. To contact a dedicated sales executive, click here.